KEXL Connection

When Frank Jolley left KONO for KLIF in Dallas the Summer of 1969, Rick Reynolds decided that KONO Concept would become my responsibility.

With help from my roommate, the late Allen Grimm, I decided to move KONO Concept to a more Album Oriented Rock (AOR) format.  At that time, Allen was establishing the late-night AOR programming at KITE-FM, which later became KEXL.  Allen not only provided advice for programs, but he also shared albums for actual KONO Concept programs.

Producing the program, which aired on late-night weekends, helped me develop production skills that have benefited my career over the years.

A career move to Houston and then later to New York City beckoned, which meant I became no longer associated with KONO Concept. Allen, however, continued with a long career at KEXL.

Its too bad we at KONO broadcast in AM Mono, while KEXL provided full FM Stereo.

Johnny Shannon

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