Denny Ezba

Mickey and Denny 2002

Denny and I grew up about half a block from each other. In the late 50s we would walk to school (Alamo Heights) together almost every day. One day, while walking home from school together, Denny started singing. I asked if he'd ever thought about singing professionally. Denny replied with some smart remark.

I happened to know a night engineer at KMAC, so I asked him if it would be alright for us to came down to the KMAC studios one night to put something on tape. As best as I can recall, we ended up recording "Great Balls of Fire." Denny sang and I played piano.

I left San Antonio in the early 60s and ended up playing with other groups as a session musician around the Tulsa area.

I moved back to San Antonio in 1997. Denny and I reconnected and we usually got together a couple times a week.

The last time I saw Denny was about a week before he passed. I will always miss him.

Mickey Forney

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