Bow Wow

The Summer of 1962 was a time of major change in my life.  I became a teenager and my family moved more than 1000 miles away from San Antonio where I discovered Dick Biondi on WLS in Chicago.  But…before all that happened I found myself mesmerized by Dick Couser and George the Duck on KONO.

Even though it has been almost 50 years, I can still vividly remember the first time I heard George on the radio.  The next day when I saw my next-door neighbor Allen, the first words out of his mouth, were “Did you hear the duck on the radio?”

Although I cannot specifically remember many of George’s antics, I do remember one because a number of my friends were talking about it for days.

Dick and George got into a discussion as to what sound a baby elephant makes.  George stated that baby elephants say “Bow Wow.” George would prove that he was right.  All Dick had to do was to play Baby Elephant Walk by The Miniature Men.

Once the record started George said “Bow Wow” between each musical phrase.

I miss the fun days of radio.


Editors Note: Charlie never was on the radio.  He just liked listening because it was so much fun.

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