When I arrived at KKYX there were two transmitters in daily use. The first was the 50kW Westinghouse 50 HG1 installed by Elliot Roosevelt in 1946 which I learned thoroughly and refurbished to 'like new' condition. The second was an RCA BTA-10H 10 kW that was used at night or when the Westinghouse was having problems. The BTA-10H was installed when the KBAT Studios were moved from San Pedro Avenue near San Antonio College to the transmitter site in Leon Valley.

In the middle 70s I got to install a brand new RCA Ampliphase BTA50J transmitter. Because the new transmitter did not 'like' transmitting into the existing four tower antenna array, Consulting Engineer Ron Rackley (deceased) was brought in to help get the KKYX antenna system 'modified' in order to make things work. The Ampliphase transmitter was definitely picky about the antenna(s) it was transmitting into.

Ron and I became friends during that installation, tune-up and the required FCC Proof of Performance.

There was another problem I encountered with the new transmitter. Audio wise the Westinghouse transmitter sounded a lot better, even when transmitting with weak (bad) transmitting tubes. Station Management always wanted me to use the Ampliphase transmitter during the day to save money on electricity. However I still ran the Westinghouse whenever I could (which was most of the time) because it sounded so much better (bad tubes and all) than the 'Amplifuzz' ever did!

Soon after the new transmitter project completion, Swanson transferred me to Dallas/Fort Worth to be the Director of Engineering for KFJZ, KEGL and the Texas State Networks.

I loved San Antonio and working at KKYX. In my whole career, KKYX was the best job I ever had.

E. J. Pryor

After Note: Most stations were/are very happy to have just one functional transmitter. To have three fully functional transmitters was truly amazing!

The Westinghouse Transmitter had giant glass tubes and gargantuan switches and levers. I always thought it would be a good setting for a mad scientist movie. If Dr. Frankenstein had taken up residence in Leon Valley, he'd have felt right at home at 8022 Bandera Road.

Dan Rosen

Editors Note: The KKYX 'Cow Pasture' at 8022 Bandera Road is now home for a Walmart Super Center.

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