Robert Orville Sinclair

March 1, 1933 - June 17, 2022

Do Texas radio audiences differ from those in other states and if so do you tailor your style to suit their regional tastes?

Without deadly fear of contradiction, I think we can accept the premise that dissimilitudes between audiences exists, although no greater than between Texas and "other states" than exists within Texas itself. In low socioeconomic areas the deejay may find the natives more responsive to a basic monosyllabic approach. A diametric situation would require a different expediant. In conculsion it looks like we are in for a lousy winter - Bob Sinclair - KTSA - San Antonio - October 12, 1962.

You can hear Bob Sinclair's alter ego Sagamore Subsoil Here.

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I remember Bob well...Especially his admonition to 'Cultivate an acute disregard for blue suede bean dip.' - John Archer

Bob Sinclair was one of the most talented personalities in the history of San Antonio Radio. Who could forget his songs? - Bob Miller

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