KONO Concept

I produced the KONO Concept program from January 1969 until I left for KLIF in Dallas in July 1969.  I produced the show on tape each week for playback on Saturday night from 10 to midnight.  I was told KONO repeated all my shows after I left.

Each KONO Concept program featured a new album and a theme.  For example, I used the soundtrack of the movie Yellow Submarine and the new Led Zeppelin album for a show that I titled Led Zeppelin to Pepperland.

KONO Concept featured a “control voice.”   The voice was recorded at a fast speed and then played back at a slower speed, advising listeners that we were taking control of their radio.  They could not change the station until told to do so.

At one point I told the listeners to take a candle and drip wax on the radio tuner knob to keep from changing the station.  I got about 300 complaints from parents that we had ruined their radios, because someone had dripped candle wax on the radio tuning knob.

Once we had a bomb scare.  The police showed up at KONO to see if everything was all right, because the voice heard on the radio was “threatening people.”

I opened a venue at the AT & T Building at Hemisfair ‘68 for “Saturday Night Heavy Music.”  The name of the Teen Club was AT & T at Hemisfair.

Frank Jolley

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